DAFI Tertiary Education Scholarship

DAFI scholarship programme is funded by the German Government. The mission is ‘Raising Leaders, Transforming Communities’. The scholarship was started in 1992 and was named after Albert Einstein. The scholarship was formed after the many challenges that refugees were facing regarding getting tertiary education. Refugees do not have money they rely on scholarships for their education. The International students are expected to pay 20% on top of the local students’ tuition fees. The UNHCR and Windle Trust International negotiate with Universities that they have Memorandum of Understanding with for the students under the DAFI scholarship to pay tuition fees the same us the local students. Currently Moi University has more than 60 students on DAFI scholarship spread across all the Campuses.


For further information please watch the videos below:


DAFI Documentary DAFI Documentary: Partnership with Institutions DAFI Documentary: Impact of Alumni
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